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Declare His glory among the nations, His marvelous works among all the peoples (Ps. 96:3).
CMC Jayamatha Province Considers Media as an effective tool for proclamation of Word of God. It helps her reach out the people of God anywhere anytime. Jayamatha utilizes Social networking sites for providing Christian formation for different groups, for preaching Gospels and for facilitating value education.

C.M.C Jayamatha Medias and Tabor Pala are the you tube channels through which Jayamatha radiate her zealous for evangelizing the digital world. Through the youtube channel ‘Tabor Pala’ the retreat Centre-Tabor Prarthanalaya‘ provides spiritual messages to the public. Some links of Tabor Pala are given:

Through CMC Jaymatha Medias the province delivers important messages to the sisters and to the public. It posts variety programmes including speeches, actions songs and devotional songs. 
Some links are:

WhatsApp Ministry:
WhatsApp is another important tool for animating different category of people of God. Different WhatsApp groups are:
i). ‘Jayamathamakkal’ shares the spiritual and other important matters to the sisters in the province.
ii). ‘Eeshoyude Kunjava’ for the tots under the age of 2½ years.
iii). ‘Unnikkoottam’ for the infants between the age groups from V to 5 yrs.
iv). ‘Christeen’ Includes children from nursery to plus 2 level
v). ‘Thaiboosa’ for the youth who born in the year 2000.
vi). ‘Snaehithar’ for the unmarried men and women between the age group 30-45
vii). ‘Hanna’ for pacouples who do not have children
viii). ‘Anugraham’ : for the couples who are awaiting a child
ix). ‘Gershom’ for the migrant workers in our convents
x). ‘Dashakudumbam’ for the selected 10 model families in the parishes
xi). CMC associates for the laity women who associate with the CMC spirituality.

Print Media
Jayamatha utilizes Print Media also for providing value education and Christian formation. ‘Jayamalar’ is the triannually published by the province which has private circulation only. The sisters in Jayamatha authored many books. Let us have a look at some important books:

Sr. Mary Beninja Foundation Trust
Sr. Mary Beninja Foundation Trust aims to commemorate the Grate Malayalam poet Sr. Mary Beninja, to popularize her writings to the people and to familiarize her to the young generation. The present chairman of the Trust is Very Rev. Msgr. Joseph Thadathil, the Vicar General of Pala diocese. Jayamatha instituted two prestigious awards – Sr. Mary Beninja Award for
Valuable Contributions in Malayalam literature and Vanampady Award for spiritual writings. Beninjakkavithakal- The collected works of Mahakavi Sr. Mary Beninja has been published by the province.
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